Our Founder

The task of introducing or describing our founder: THE REVEREND SUN MYUNG MOON; also regarded as TRUE FATHER, (Father Moon) is anyone’s toughest or biggest challenge ever; even for those who know him for a long time, it is not easy to fully comprehend and describe him with words or language. His autobiography (book) “As a Peace-Loving Global Citizen” is a covers some other detailed account of his own most unique, peculiar personal life experiences from childhood, but hardly covers the full range of his of his full being.

However, with humility and deep owe of heart, The Pastor and the Community of the Washington DC Family Federation for World Peace and Unification National Cathedral attempts to give a summarized introduction covering the basic spiritual values; borrowing and learning from his Dear Wife; Mrs. Dr. Hak Jah Han Moon; regarded as TRUE MOTHER (Mother Moon) and together, both are regarded with great honor and respects as TRUE PARENTS.

(For easy of comparisons from the Bible; the Fundamental Core Subjects introduced through and by Moses are the TEN (10) COMMANDMENTS and the NINE (9) BEATITUDES by and through JESUS CHRIST).

The First subject is his knowledge and understanding of GOD

Until Rev. S. M. Moon’s teaching and elaboration, God has been known only as an all-knowing and all-powerful being. People think God is sitting on the throne of honor and glory as the absolute Master, having nothing to do with the created world of all things.From the time Father Moon was called by Jesus and embarked on a journey to fulfill God’s providential call, he came to know that the fundamental relationship between God and human beings is that of parent and child.He learned and henceforth teaches that God has been the Parent of pain, sorrow and lamentation ever since He lost His first children; Adam and Eve.

Throughout his life, Father Moon has been doing his very best to dissolve God’s pain and sorrow and to bring liberation and total freedom for God’s heart.

Finally, on January 13th, 2001, through the Coronation Ceremony for GOD’S KINGSHIP, Father Moon was able to restore and offer His throne of Glory and power to GOD.

The Second subject is his knowledge and understanding of SATAN

Throughout history, human beings have not known the true identity of the DEVIL, Satan, who caused the HUMAN FALL, which led to all kinds of evil.For fourteen (14) years, Father Moon labored desperately to discover all the secrets of the spirit world through many bruising spiritual battles. Finally, he discovered the real identity of Satan, the origin of all evil. Taking one step further, he also uncovered Satan’s strategy and tactics for multiplying his power.After discovering Satan’s strategy of defiling the human blood lineage, through the Fall, he became totally committed to restoring God’s original blood lineage. The heavenly strategy developed for this purpose, and now widely known throughout the world, is the International and Cross-cultural Marriage Blessing movement.

The Third subject is the Knowledge and Understanding of the HUMAN CONDITION.

Where are we human beings from, how should we live, and where should we go? Why are our minds and bodies fighting, and why do we struggle in conflict? What is the meaning of life and death? Does the world of life after death truly exist? If so, how should we live while we are on earth? The answer to these questions and others are expounded in detail in the Principle of Creation that God revealed to Rev. Father Moon.The Rev. Moon has the intuitive ability to look into hearts of men and women and predict their destiny. That is why many young people throughout the world come to him hopping to be matched with an ideal spouse.

The Fourth subject is the Knowledge and Understanding of the Spirit World.

The Spirit World, the world after physical death, is a world that really exists, and to which all humans are bound to go as an extension of their earthly life. Human life is one continuous stream from conception and life in the womb, all the way to an eternal life, after physical death ends our earthly life.When the physical life has ended, those who have received the Marriage Blessing, which eradicates the original sin and opens the way to spiritual perfection, go through the sacred ritual of Ascension. Thereupon they are welcome and celebrated on their path to the heavenly realms, where they will enjoy eternal life.We should understand clearly that the numerous saints and sages who have lived on earth throughout history are actually still living in the spirit world. They are assisting God’s providence on earth, having been reborn as absolute good spirits after receiving the Marriage Blessing from True Parents.

Each moment in our earthly life is recorded in the spirit world exactly as it takes place. On the day when we cross over to the spirit world, our life’s record will become the basis for judgment. That is why all human beings should practice a life of true love and sacrifice themselves for a greater cause.

The Fifth subject is the Knowledge and Understanding of JESUS.

The Rev. Sun Myung Moon met Lord Jesus through profound spiritual experiences as from the ages of 15-16 years old and came to understand the terrible tragedy of the crucifixion of Jesus. Jesus came as God’s Son, the Savior and Messiah, but he was rejected and opposed, even by the people whom God had prepared. It was God’s will that Jesus, as the second Adam, should fulfill the model of a God-centered ideal family, and ENGRAFT all humankind to himself.Christianity became the foundation of Western Civilization through Rome, and then became the nucleus of the Atlantic Ocean and Pacific Ocean civilizations. It has always stood in the position of the Bride to receive the Lord at his Second Coming.Therefore, Christians in particular must comprehend the sorrowful heart of Jesus, who was driven to the cross, unable to fully unfold God’s will for him.

Rev. Moon’s teachings clearly explain the truth about Jesus mission, the limitation of salvation through the cross and purpose for his return.

The Sixth subject is the Knowledge and the Understanding of the Core Content of the Bible and other religious Scriptures

These are books of revelation that enable human beings, trapped in ignorance after the fall of the first human ancestors to return to God. Many of the important issues in scripture are described in metaphors and symbols. The meaning of these metaphors and symbols are to be fully revealed only by the Messiah sent by Heaven. Hence, Jesus was able to disclose the core content and deep meaning of the Hebrew Scriptures.In the same way, God’s secrets regarding His providence of salvation, hidden throughout the Bible, are now being revealed by Rev. Moon’s teachings. The Bible is a book of revelations that concealed the secrets of God’s ideal for the creation, the fall and the path of restoration.The Divine Principle, revealed to Rev. Moon by God, lucidly answers all the questions that are raised in the various scriptures.

The Seventh subject is the knowledge & Understanding of the GOAL OF HUMAN HISTORY.

History is not merely a record of events that take place by coincidence. It is flowing in a clear direction and purpose. It is a history of the providence for the re-creation of human beings’ original state, through indemnity – a history of restoration for their salvation.Because of this insight into the origin and direction of history, Rev. Moon was able to predict accurately the sudden end of communism and dialectic materialism, which he proclaimed in a speech at the 1985 Professors World Peace Academy conference in Geneva, Switzerland, at a time when the Soviet Union was still at its peak.Today, Rev. Moon now declares that it is time for all nations and religions to break down their barriers. Through this, the era of “ONE FAMILY UNDER GOD” will arrive and last forever.

God is leading history. With the help of heavenly fortune, under the auspices of the “Abel UN” we will now make rapid progress towards a world transcending religious and nations. It will be God’s Kingdom on earth, known as CHEON-IL-GUK in Korean language.

The Eighth Subject is the Knowledge and Understanding of TRUE FAMILY VALUES

God’s Ideal of creation is to build God-centered true families. It is the goal of His salvation providence to restore the ideal of the true family, the ideal that ADAM could not fulfill in his own family. In this way, it is to establish the foundation for the kingdom of heaven on earth and in heaven.The World wide leading Inter-national, Inter-cultural, Inter-religious Marriage Blessings Movement initiated, modeled, molded and mentored by Rev. Moon over the years; are not ordinary Wedding Ceremonies. They are new sacred rituals eradicating the ORIGINAL SIN and ENGRAFT HUMAN BEINGS to the lineage of God.True Families are the wellspring and foundation of True Love, True Life and True Lineage. Through True Families the True Nation, True World and True Kingdom can be built.

Families centered on the True Parents can become the base for the perfected relationships within the FOUR REALMS of HEART, and the THREE KINGSHIPS and become the foundation for the Kingdom of HEAVEN.


To us, The Rev. and Mrs. Moon are the anointed and commissioned True Parent of Heaven, Earth and all human kind, the Messiah, and the Lord of 2ND coming; who restored and mediates the renewed relationship with HEAVENLY PARENT and GOD; OUR CREATOR.